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Bathroom Cabinets

We usually place bathroom cabinets on both sides of the bathroom wall. They contain necessary items such as towels. There is a wide variety of cabinets available for bathrooms which can be matched with your needs and requirements. You should keep the style of the house consistent with the type of cabinets that are selected for the bathroom.

We should place cabinets above or below the counter. It is necessary that cabinets are well-fitted to give ample space for arranging items in it. Cabinets with metal pulls are more convenient than those with knobs because they require less effort to open and close them. If you have no children at home, then it is advisable to have deep cabinets which require less effort to open and closing them.

Cabinets made of glass look decorative and add profit to the appearance of bathrooms. The wooden cabinets are available in different shapes and colours. They make your bathroom elegant and clean. There are several decorative mechanisms that can also be used with the cabinets to make them look more stylish.

We ideally placed a cabinet in the bathroom’s corner because it makes your bathroom spacious and gives a clean look.

Bathroom Sink Cabinets

Sink cabinets are smaller than bathroom cabinets. They are useful for keeping necessities like soap, shampoo bottles, cotton balls, etc. You should purchase sink cabinets that match the size and type of your bathroom sink.

Sink cabinets are available in different shapes and sizes. You can select a cabinet which is well suited for your bathroom according to its shape and design. You may also choose a cabinet in line with the colour scheme of the walls and other fittings present in the room, so as it matches with them.

We can place sink cabinets against the wall or we can install them in front of the bathroom sink. It is advisable to install the cabinet before placing the sink to check if it fits well on your sink. Cabinets also come with a provision for installing mirrors on them where you can keep your cosmetics and bathrooms accessories.

Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

We can position bathroom vanity cabinets on the floor or they can attach to the wall. We usually make them of wood and give a classy look to bathrooms. Guelph Contractors can also design the bathroom vanity cabinets with different colours and designs as per your room’s colour scheme and theme. The bathroom cabinets come in different dimensions and designs. You can select a cabinet that matches with your bathroom space as per its measurements. However, you should not buy overly compact or too large cabinets for the room.

Bathroom Storage Cabinets

Storage cabinets are used to keep items related to bathrooms, such as soaps, shampoo bottles. They are also used to keep towels. You can use the storage cabinets behind your bathroom doors for keeping items that you rarely need in bathrooms, thus making your bathroom look clean.

Storage cabinets are available in different shapes, styles and designs as per popular trends and choice of customers. We ideally placed a cabinet underneath the sink as it uses any extra space present in bathrooms. You should select cabinets depending upon the room environment, colour scheme and shape of your bathroom.

Bathroom Countertops

You can choose countertops made of granite or marble for your bathroom, as they make it look classy and give a stylish look to your bathroom décor. The surface of the countertop is rough, whereas the backsplash is smooth. This combination of smooth and rough surfaces looks attractive.

You should select a countertop design depending on your bathroom sink. If you have a pedestal sink, then go for a deep surface to give it an elegant look. However, if you have a basin or lavatory sinks, then place the counter top surface above the sink. Check for how much space is available under your bathroom sink and accordingly buy a countertop, accordingly.

Bathroom Countertop Ideas

If your bathroom is small and has limited countertop space, then you should cut down on the number of décor items such as soaps, shampoos, medicine, toothbrushes, and more. Which you use daily. Keep all the items in one corner of your bathroom space so that it can look clean and stylish.

You should always go for sophisticated décor by using chic accessories such as tissue box holders, picture frames, you name it. To give it an elegant appearance. Tissue box holders with small designs on them are rich in style and add a sophisticated look to your bathroom. Thus, these were some impressive bathroom countertop ideas for your home.

Bathroom Flooring

Floor tiles make your bathroom look lively and enhance its beauty. You can install ceramic floor tiles in bathrooms as they are easy to maintain and do not get dirty easily. Ceramic tiles are available in different shapes, designs and textures. You can select tiles depending on your bathroom design pattern or colour scheme.

You should always go for ceramic flooring as they are easy to clean and do not absorb dirt easily. These tiles come with an antiskid surface which prevents accidents from happening because of slippery floors. Thus, this gives you the comfort of walking on wet floors without fearing for accidents.

Floor Tiles come in different sizes and patterns depending on bathroom requirements. You can install tiles with unique designs, shapes or textures in specific areas in your bathroom to give it a stylish look. For example, you can use patterned tiles for flooring in front of the bathtub and bathroom sinks.

Bathroom Flooring Options

There are various flooring materials available for bathrooms, which include wooden flooring, carpets, bamboo floor, etc. You can select any of these depending upon your bathroom interior decoration or space availability in the room. Wooden floors give a classic look to your bathroom and make it appear elegant, whereas carpets can give a traditional look to your bathroom and make it appear attractive.

  • Decorating Bathroom Floors

Bathroom Tile Ideas

Tile comes in a variety of styles, colours and patterns to match any type of bathroom décor. You can install tiles on walls and floors depending on your bathroom space availability and interior decoration. There are several tile ideas for bathrooms which you can use to give it a stylish look. For example, you can use small tiles of the same colour for walls and floors to make it appear stylish. However, use dark coloured tiles if the bathroom is small.

You can also opt for stone or ceramic tiles to decorate your bathroom walls. These tiles come in various vibrant colours, styles and patterns, which add a touch of luxury to your bathroom space. For example, you can install rectangular shape tiles on walls which can add a unique and stylish appearance to your bathroom.

If you have smaller bathrooms than you should go for larger ceramic or stone tiles to increase the spaciousness of the room. However, if you have a larger bathroom space available in your house, then you should opt for smaller tiles as this makes the room appear bigger.

If you install dark coloured tiles on bathroom walls. Then it can make the room look smaller, thus go for light or bright colours depending on your bathroom space available. You should never go for black coloured wall tiling as it can decrease the brightness of the room. If you have a washroom in your basement, then it will be better to go for dark-coloured tiles as this makes the room appear clean and spacious.

Bathroom Wall Decorations

You can choose wall decorations such as paintings, mirrors. To give a unique look at your bathroom space. Your bathroom will appear more stylish if we decorate the walls with some artistic painting or mirror frames. You can buy used paintings at cheap prices to decorate bathroom walls. Alternatively, you can also select wallpapers for bathroom walls which come in attractive colours and designs.

You should always go with light coloured wall paints if your bathroom space is small. This adds more brightness to it and makes the room appear clean. However, if you have a spacious bathroom, then you should go for bright or dark-coloured wall paints, which can give it a luxurious look.

Bathroom Partitioning; Shelving Units

You can use cabinets, shelves etc. to partition your bathroom space. If you have an extra bathroom space available in your house, then you should opt for partitioning it using the shelving units. You can use these units to make your bathroom appear more spacious. If you have a washroom in the basement of your house, then go for partitioning using shelves, as this will make it look tidy.

You should always opt for wooden shelves as they add a classic touch to the bathroom. You can install cabinets below the sink or paste them on bathroom walls to give a neat and clean look.

Bathroom Décor

You can get creative with bathroom décor depending on the area available in your bathroom. For example, if you have a spacious bathroom, then you should not get into minor details which will make the room appear crowded and messy. However, smaller rooms require creative floor plans and smart wall design ideas to make the room appear clean and spacious.

You can use bathroom decor products such as paintings, mirrors, upholstery. In unique ways to make your bathroom look stylish and different from other bathrooms. For example, you can paint half of the walls with light colour paints and decorate them using various patterns like stripes, vines etc. whereas you can paint the other half with bright or dark colour paints to make it appear bigger.

You should always opt for bathroom décor items which are easy to clean and maintain as this ensures proper hygiene in your bathroom space. Thus, these were some impressive bathroom decorating ideas to make your bathroom appear stylish.

Accent Wall in Bathroom

If you have small bathrooms, then you should not opt for any type of accent wall in it. This makes the room appear crowded and small. Opting for an accent wall is easier said than done if you have small bathrooms, but you can use several creative ideas to decorate your bathrooms by using accent wall. For example, you can paint one of the bathroom walls with bright or dark colour paints, depending on the size of the room. You should also install unique tiles in your bathroom, which can add an interesting look to your home décor. You can paint the wall with different colour dots to make it look stylish and unique.

Another idea is to install an accent wall in your bathroom which has a wallpaper design on it. This type of accent wall is very popular among homeowners, as it adds a stylish look to your bathroom décor. You can easily find attractive designs of wallpaper for bathrooms in several home décor stores which you can use to decorate your bathroom wall.

These were some creative accent wall ideas which you can use to make your bathrooms look stylish and contemporary. Thus, these were some impressive bathroom decorating ideas for small homes with limited bathroom space.

Shower Stalls and Tubs

You should choose a shower stall with enough space to move around in it. If your bathroom is small, then you can opt for shower stalls which come with seats and backrests so that you can sit comfortably when taking a bath or showering.

For people with limited bathroom space, walk-in tubs are also available, which saves a lot of space in your small bathroom. Walk-in tubs can be easily installed in small bathrooms, as they do not require a lot of space.

You should also decorate your bathrooms by using modern décor items such as towel racks, shelves, and other decor items. Things that add a stylish look to your home. Thus, these were some creative shower stall and tub ideas for your home bathroom décor.

Sinks and Faucets

Sinks and taps ideally complement each other in a bathroom, but there are several creative ways to use them. When selecting a sink, you should always look for unique designs and shapes so that it can add an interesting and stylish look to your bathroom space.

Similarly, when going for taps, select the ones which suit both your sink and bathroom décor. You can easily find stylish and unique looking taps in several online stores, which you can use to add an interesting look to your home décor.

All these were some creative sinks and faucets ideas that can help you get a stylish bathroom décor for your home without having to renovate the whole bathroom space. Thus, these were some bathroom sink ideas which you can use to decorate your small bathrooms.

Bathroom Sink Ideas

Bathroom sinks are one of the most attractive pieces of furniture which add to the beauty and elegance of your bathrooms. When choosing a sink, you should always look for unique designs and shapes so that it can add an interesting and stylish look to your bathroom space.

When going for a bathroom sink, choose one in a colour that goes well with your tiles and décor in the room. For example, if you have blue coloured tiles, then go for a white coloured sink so that it does not stand out from the rest of the décor in the room.

Another important thing to consider is if the sink you choose has a countertop and what type of countertop it is. There are various types of countertops available these days which come in different colours, materials, designs, etc. You should always go for stylish bath vanities to get the desired look for your bathroom space.

These were some bathroom sink ideas which you can incorporate in your home décor to get a stylish and contemporary look. Thus, these were some important bathroom countertop ideas for your small house bathrooms.

Cabinet Refacing, Repairing and Replacement

If you are looking for cabinet refacing, repairing or replacement services in Guelph, ON then look no further than Guelph Contracting. It is one of the most preferred service providers for getting professional-quality kitchen cabinets at affordable rates. Our team has a wide range of custom made cabinets which suit every budget and home.

Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom renovation is a process that integrates into home renovations because of its extensive nature. Popularity has made it available for the majority who wish to update their bathroom.

Designing your new bath space can be overwhelming at first, but with careful planning and good advice, it will be an enjoyable experience which you will feel great about.

Bathroom renovation involves:

1. Planning and budgeting for upkeep and maintenance of the bathroom space;

2. Choosing a design statement to set the tone of decor;

3. Considering bathroom fixtures such as flooring, cabinets, countertops, etc.;

4. Renovating your bathroom according to your taste and budgetary constraints; and

5. Hiring best bathroom contractors for required work according to your design statement and budget constraints.

Bathroom renovation might require a complete overhaul of the space or just renovating some fixtures for a more personalised touch. If you want to give your bathroom an instant makeover. You can choose various options, such as installation of new bathroom flooring, installing an attractive focal point wall mirror or perhaps painting the walls in a different shade. We consider renovating bathrooms as being one of its kind within home renovations. It requires maximum time involvement and attention to detail.

There are various materials available for bathroom renovations depending on your taste and preference. If you wish to make your bathroom look stylish, then you need to consider marble bathroom countertops or tiled flooring.

For best results, start your renovation project by hiring the best bathroom contractors in your locality or at least do enough research for it. This way you ensure that all the required work is done within proper time constraints and within budget as well. Other factors to consider while planning for bathroom renovations are:

  1. Flooring in bathrooms can be made of various materials such as tiles, marble, porcelain. based on your preference and budget constraints;
  2. You can choose between single or double sink bathroom vanity depending on the area available in your bathroom space;
  3. We can design bathroom vanities in various styles such as modern, classic, contemporary, etc. according to your taste
  4. You can choose bathroom vanities with built-in mirrors, which are available in various shapes and sizes
  5. Online stores will give you a better idea about different styles of bathroom fixtures based on your preference and budget constraints
  6. You can design your bathroom by changing the lighting fixtures and adding a tub if required to give it a complete makeover
  7. Choosing a color scheme for bathroom renovations is also very important because this will set the tone of decor to be followed throughout the space; and
  8. Once you have completed your color scheme for bathroom renovation, you can choose the best bathroom cabinets and flooring to complement it.

Proper planning is essential before starting your bathroom renovation because this will help you in implementing all the required changes within a proper time constraint and budget as well. You can contact local contractors or design experts who will guide you throughout the process.