Home Additions in Guelph

Why Are Home Additions Important?

A home addition or home remodeling project can be an enormous commitment. Before you jump in, make sure that any renovations you do will not only bring your family something new to enjoy. The renovation must meet the needs of your lifestyle today and for years to come.

It’s worth considering all the things do in the future. For example, if you’re not ready for a full kitchen renovation and don’t mind doing dishes in your sink for another year or two, close off that space so we can use it as storage. If your children are older and you’d like to use those extra bedrooms as guest rooms. Now is the time to renovate those spaces and make them usable.

It’s a good idea to hire a general contractor who can give you an estimate of how much it will cost. This includes the price of permits before you start your project. A contractor can also help you determine whether your addition may require planning permission from your local council.

If you want more space, an addition will be the easiest way to give yourself additional square footage if your house needs it. You can enjoy added privacy or simply have a new area for your family. Additions are also an excellent option when you’re looking to increase the value of your home.

Hiring a contractor will help you save time and money. Especially if you’re hiring one with experience in the field. There are many factors that go into adding on to your home, so it’s important that they have an idea about all aspects of construction. You can find local professionals by searching online or asking friends for referrals.

Home additions in Guelph, Ontario, can add more space to your home without moving or disturbing the property.

Home Addition Ideas

If you’re thinking about a home addition or a more extensive remodeling project, it’s a good idea to talk with your family and decide on some basic ideas for the space. Do they want an additional bedroom? Maybe a room which can double as a guest room and office space? Or would they rather have an entertainment area where everyone can gather?

Once you agree on the basic idea for your project, sit down with an architect or contractor to discuss your plans. They will tell you what permits are required and whether you need planning permission. The more information they have about your project, the better they can tailor their services to fit your needs.

Once you’re ready to begin, communicate with your contractor every step of the way. Ask them about their work plan and how they’ll keep dust under control. If there are any issues that come up during the project, speak with them immediately so that everyone agrees.

Types of Home Additions

There are many types of home additions, from a simple room addition or a new porch to a full-blown master suite.

If you’re thinking about an additional bedroom, it’s important to make sure you have enough space for all the furnishings and storage that your family needs. Does one person like to do yoga in the morning and another prefer to read? Is there room for everyone’s belongings? If you’d like to add a bathroom, will it be worth the extra cost if it means your contractor needs to tear up all of your flooring and extend the plumbing lines?

If you’re thinking about adding square footage to your home in order to make space for an entertainment area or game room, think about the sound system you’ll want to install. Will it be worth the cost of an extensive renovation if you can’t get good sound quality? Is there enough space in your home for a pool table, TV and seating area?

You may also want to consider adding more storage space in your home with a basement remodel or garage addition. If you struggle with clutter, is your closest big enough to hold everything? If an addition isn’t possible, is there enough space in the basement for a new bedroom suite?

When considering open concept designs for kitchen remodels or bathrooms, think about how the layout will affect daily life. Will kids be able to help with dinner preparations easily or will their electronics distract them? Is there enough space for everyone to get ready in the morning and still have room to cook breakfast?

Once you know what type of home renovation will work best for your family’s needs, sit down with a contractor and discuss what it will take to make everything run smoothly. If you’ve already got an idea in mind, you can start with a rough sketch to get the ball rolling.

Conventional House Addition

The typical home addition is a single-story addition to the side or back of your home. This gives you a larger kitchen and dining area, more living space for relaxing, entertaining guests, and additional bedrooms.

If you’re thinking about adding a bedroom or bonus room to your house. It’s important to decide what you will use the space for. Think about how it will affect daily life when guests and family members come and go. Questions like where they’ll sleep, if not in an additional bedroom.

When planning a home addition, make sure you have enough space for the furniture and storage your family needs. If you’d like to add a bathroom, will it be worth the extra cost if it means your contractor needs to tear up all of your flooring?

The following are some of the most frequent locations in a home addition: family room, dining room, and bedroom (master bedroom). A kitchen is rarely addition unless it is an apartment.

If you are interested in a home addition though don’t know where to start, call Guelph Contractors today. You can also look at ideas on Pinterest, Instagram, or YouTube for additional ideas for your home.

Basement Addition

If you’re looking for more living space without adding an entire extra storey to your home, consider a basement renovation instead. A basement renovation will give you more square footage and increase your living space, but because the home’s foundation limits the ceiling height, it may not be suitable for an additional bedroom.

Guest Bedroom Addition

Before deciding to build a guest suite in your home, give some thought who you expect to visit frequently. If family members come to visit several times a year, it may be worth the cost of converting a basement or attic into an additional bedroom. However, if company comprises friends and acquaintances, opt for a smaller addition like a porch or deck instead.

Master Suite Addition

If your current master suite is too small and doesn’t suit the needs of your family. Consider an addition that gives everyone more space. If you’re on the fence about adding a master suite because of the cost, this might be worth it if you know you’ll enjoy having more room for reading or watching TV in the bedroom.

Nanny Suite Addition

If you’ve got young children at home, you might add a suite for your nanny. This will give them their own space and privacy without having to stay in an uncomfortable hotel or travel long distances every day. If the cost of adding on isn’t worth it to you, if your children are older, make sure the space is functional and comfortable so your nanny will be as happy as possible.

Second Kitchen Addition

If you love cooking or frequently host dinner parties, a second kitchen may be the way to go for you and your family. It’s perfect if there’s limited space in your main kitchen and it can double as a catering kitchen if needed. This kind of addition is also good for those who need a separate space for baking because it separates the oven from other appliances to reduce smells.

Guest Suite Addition

Is there someone you’d like to have lived with you, but would prefer that they have their own living space? If so, a guest suite addition is ideal. It’s also fantastic if you want the option of having someone who can help you with household chores or provide childcare when needed.

Attic Addition

If your attic is large enough, adding on to the space is a great idea for expanding your home’s living space. It will give you more square footage and make it easier to use your storage. However, if there isn’t enough headroom, you’ll be limited to a small addition like a porch.

Deck Addition

A deck is perfect if you love spending time outdoors and want an additional space for barbecuing, dining or relaxing. If your house doesn’t currently have a deck, consider adding one on before opting for a home addition. A bonus feature of decks is that they’re relatively easy to build.

Porch Addition

A porch is the perfect addition if you’re looking for an outdoor space that’s more private than a deck or patio. It will give you somewhere to sit and enjoy your garden without having strangers come up to you as they would with a public sidewalk. Like decks, porches are relatively easy to build.

Room Addition

A room addition is like an attic addition, but it’s better for growing families. If you need more room for a bedroom or want somewhere to use as an office, consider adding on to your home rather than moving completely. If the cost of the building is too high, see if renovations might be suitable instead.

If you’d like to make a few changes in your home, but aren’t sure what’s possible, a room addition is the best choice for you. It’ll give you all the benefits that come with an addition with no structural limitations.


For those who enjoy getting some sunshine without leaving the home, a sunroom is an attractive idea. This addition won’t take up any interior space, but will increase the size of your home by adding an extra room to enjoy.

Adding a sunroom is probably one of the best way to expand your home, especially if you have an enclosed patio or back porch. It will be an extra room for entertaining guests and open up your home without having to move. Sunrooms are also easy to add to existing structures, no matter how basic they are.

Attic Conversion

If your home doesn’t have enough roof space, then consider adding on. An attic conversion is a useful option for those who need extra room and don’t mind losing storage space. A bonus room like this will increase the value of your property as well as provide more privacy for everyone in the family.

Garage Conversion

If you have a garage but don’t use it to store your car, consider converting it to accommodate more people. We would consider this an additional living area for the home that could also be used as a workout space or guest bedroom.

Additions are the best way to increase the usable square footage of your home. You can opt for any of the above home additions without having to move. No matter how small or large your home is, adding on will grow its value and functionality.

Addition or Renovations

If you’re not sure which addition is best for your home, renovations may be the simplest solution. The cost of renovations depends on the current structure and how much work needs to be done, so it’s important to contact a contractor before deciding. Overall, there are many types of additions and renovations that can suit your needs, so connect with a contractor for more information.

We commit our Guelph general contractors to bringing you the best home improvements experience possible. With so many types of additions available, finding spaces that can be transformed into something beautiful or functional is simple when you have the right team on your side. In building a recent addition or renovating your existing space, there are plenty of benefits to be had. Contact us today for more information about our renovation services and how home contractors can make a difference in the way you live in your home.

Home Renovation Process

To get started, talk with an architect or general contractor about the process. They can tell you what permits are required and whether you need planning permission. The more information they have about your project, the better they can tailor their services to fit your needs.

During the planning process, communicate with your contractor every step of the way. Ask them about their work plan and how they’ll keep dust under control. If there are any issues that come up during the project, speak with them immediately so that everyone agrees.

As a general contractor, you should be familiar with working in tight spaces and have a thorough knowledge of building codes, timelines and costs. If you don’t feel they’re up for the project, look for another contractor or company to take over.

Your home addition will probably require permits and professional inspections, so keep this in mind when you’re making your budget. If you live in an older home, the existing infrastructure may not support the additional weight of a second story

Remodeling a full bathroom with a shower or bathtub won’t be possible in most cases, but adding a half wall for privacy is an excellent alternative if you just want to redirect the flow of traffic. If you’re installing a new shower, choose a glass enclosure with watertight seals and low-maintenance materials to keep your costs down.

With DIY projects, know your limits. You don’t want any minor mistakes to turn into major problems, so leave tricky projects to the professionals. If you have questions along the way, ask them – otherwise it may be best to hire someone.

If your goal is an open floor plan but there’s no space for a hallway, go with pocket doors (sliding doors). They’re easy to install and if you want more privacy, opt for soundproof ones.

Your Guelph Contractor

When it comes time to interview contractors, don’t be afraid to ask friends and family for recommendations. If you know someone who recently had a home addition or remodeling project completed, they may have insight into what issues came up during the project. Did the contractor get the work done on time? Did they stick to their budget?

When you sit down for your initial meeting with a Guelph contractor, be prepared to discuss the renovation project. Make sure you’re clear about what services are included and how long they expect each phase of construction to take. Ask about their work plan and how they’ll keep dust under control. If there are any issues that come up during the project, speak with them immediately so that everyone agrees.

Before you sign a final contract, walk through your home addition or renovation project with your contractor to make sure everything is in order. Make they have met sure that all of your needs and that you’re comfortable with the work to be done.

If you’d like more information about working with a contractor on your Guelph home addition or renovation project, contact Guelph Contracting for more information. We provide professional home renovations from kitchen remodeling, basement renovations and bathroom renovations throughout Guelph and Wellington county.