Basement Renovations

Are you tired of your current living situation? Are you looking for a way to make your home more inviting and functional? A finished basement could be just what you need! Guelph General Contractor knows firsthand how awesome it can feel, once all the hard work is done. Whether this means adding bedrooms, building a rec room or theater- we’ve got lots of ideas if needed. We’ll help turn your dreams into reality with an estimate on any necessary construction costs today so don’t hesitate to call us now!

Are the kids running wild with nowhere to go and everything getting dusty in the meantime? If so, then we have a solution for you.

 We specialize in bringing dreams into reality by finishing off basements all across Eastern Washington. Whether it’s bedrooms or recreation rooms that are needed to help keep order around there house, we’ll make sure they get done right without any holes left unfilled. So if this sounds like what you’ve been looking for be sure not hesitate giving us a call because time may very well run out on our services before long as word gets around about how great these finished spaces can really be – afterall who wouldn’t

How to Finish Your Basement in Guelph

Finished basement spaces are a great investment for any home in Spokane. Basements, unlike other rooms of the house, have to be waterproofed from water damage and potential mold growth. You will not want your finished project becoming an eyesore because you did not take proper precautions! Trust the experts at Guelph Contracting with all of your basement needs – we’ll make sure that it’s functional AND attractive when we’re done.

The first step to protecting your basement is making sure it’s water-tight. If you do this incorrectly, the walls and floor of your basement may become damp leading to unpleasant problems such as mold growth or structural damage. The pest control treatment will make sure that any bugs in the area are eliminated before they can cause harm! We’ll also ensure a Radon free environment by sealing up cracks on window sills and door frames so harmful gases cannot leak into these areas.

This initial process for safeguarding your home from pests includes checking out potential entry points around windows, doors, pipes etc., spraying insecticides throughout all nooks & crannies where insects might be hiding (we recommend doing this at least twice per year), removing old furniture

Radon gas is a naturally occurring substance that can seep into basements and build up at toxic levels. This may sound scary, but it’s easily handled with an inexpensive test you’ll find online (or in hardware stores). You should also install the appropriate radon reduction system for your ventilation needs – they’re cheap! These are important steps to take when planning to finish your basement; without them, there could be serious consequences.


For some home owners the basement has become a secondary living area which means that it is used for more than just storage. This may be because he or she does not have enough space in the main floor of their house or other areas of the home that may be seen as too formal for some areas of the home.

Having a finished basement provides the options to add in a kitchen, bathroom and other fixtures that may be needed for gain or entertainment. Today adding a home office is beneficial too since it is often used as a quiet and private area from the household.

All of these ideas can be accomplished with remodeling basement ideas for functionality, transforming a basement that was previously only used for storage into an all purpose space. This type of renovation will transform the basement into an assets to the home, not just a place no one see’s


Most basement rooms can be remodeled and made into a beautiful entertainment area where friends and family could gather to watch television, read or just enjoy each other’s company.  

What Happens When Your Basement Is Finished?

When you start to finish your basement, which can include anything from adding a family room or bedroom to installing insulation and finishing the walls, one thing becomes clear. You don’t have much space left in the basement. This is because your basement was not intended to be a living or work space.

Ceilings are usually the first thing that you shimmy up on a ladder to cover in order to add height and try to make the basement appear bigger. If your ceiling is soft, like drywall, then installing insulation can help reduce noise from upstairs be it foot traffic or other loud noises like someone using the tv or stereo. Soft insulation should also help your heating and cooling bills by keeping the heat in when it’s cold outside without raising your temperatures inside too much during the summer months.