Home Renovations

We at Your Home Idea are an industry leader in residential design and construction. We offer full service plans for all of your home improvement needs – from simple bathroom remodels, to additions, to whole-home renovations! We take every project to the next level. From bathroom remodels, additions and whole home renovations – we work with you throughout each step of your design process so that everything turns out exactly how you want it!

We’ve been serving the Guelph and Wellington area for over ten years now with a commitment as strong today as it was when we started: offering quality services tailored specifically to meet our clients’ individual wants and needs. Whether you need help renovating or redesigning one room or adding on another entire space, we can turn any vision into reality; no matter how big or small the project may be!

We have the expertise to take on technically difficult and complex projects such as dealing with unique structural issues or phased work over time. Please see below for types of projects we typically work on, but please contact us today if you would like to discuss your home remodeling, restoration or new addition project! Ask about getting a free estimate at 226-780-8503

Design and Build Application

Guelph General Contracting can design and build big and small additions for you, such as family room expansions, sunrooms, two-story house additions, kitchen additions and “bump outs,” and any other form of single or multi-story home addition. Guelph GC can manage every phase of your project as a full-service design-build general contractor, integrating your new addition into both the internal flow and external design of your house. Our staff can manage your home remodel or addition project of any scale. Soon, you’ll see your project completed and just how you imagined it.